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  Organotin laurate
ZT-101 ZT-102
  ZT-212 ZT-812
 Organotin maleate
  ZT-203 ZT-8288
 Organotin mercaptide
  ZT-206 ZT-208
  ZT-209 ZT-232
  ZT-237 ZT-8318
 Butyl tin oxide
 Butyltin Chloride
 Methyltin Mercaptide
 Tin TetraChloride
  Tin TetraChloride(TTC)
 Other Product
  Dibutyltin Maleate Polymer (IMPORT)
  Di-n-octytin Oxide DOTO (IMPORT)
  Tetra-n-butyltin TBT(IMPORT)
  Tetra-n-octytin TOT(IMPORT)
Special Recommend
Organotin laurate:ZT-101 / ZT-102 / ZT-212 / ZT-812
  Mainly used in softPVC products Such as soft film, softsheet,plastic shoes, artificial leather, chloro fibre and so on. It has also application in catalyst for polyurethane foam synthesis, silicone rubber catalyst, heat stabilizer for vinyl chloride copolymer fibre, light and heat stabilizer for polyamide and phenolic resin, PVC conveyer belt etc. Specially used as catalyst for polyurethane hard foam products.
Organotin maleate: ZT-203 / ZT-8288
  Mainly used in producing PVC external packaging film, cigarette film, kink film etc It's mainly used in engineering plastic of mend (such as ABS, Hips, PS and etc)for thermal stabilizer.
Organotin mercaptide: ZT-206 / ZT-208 / ZT-209 / ZT-232 /ZT-237 / ZT-8318 / ZT-295A
  Mainly used in producing PVC transparent plate, sheet, colour hard sheet, transparent semi-hard sheet, semi-hard bellows, irrigation pipe, tubes, pipe fittings and plastic door, window, wallboard and other profile shapes.
Butyl tin oxide: ZT-4201 dibutyl tin oxide (DBTO) / ZT-4100 monobutyltin oxide(MBTO)
  Mainly used in producing polyester resin catalyst for powder coating, PVC heat stabilizer and catalyst for parts of antioxidant.

Butyltin Chloride: ZT-100(MBTCL)    ZT-200(DBTC, DBTCL)     ZT-300(QBTC)

  Mainly used in producing intensifier for glass products and spraying liquid for fire end of beer bottle, and also they are important intermedia of organotin stabilizers and catalysts.
Methyltin Mercaptide ZT-1181
  It can be used in rolling, injection, molding and blowing of PVC. It has widely used in food packing for PVC products.
Other Product
  Dibutyltin Maleate Polymer (IMPORT)
Powder of Organotin. It's mainly used in engineering plastic of mend, such asABS, HIPS, PS for thermal stabilizer.
Di-n-octytin Oxide DOTO (IMPORT)
It's mainly used in the thermal stabilizer of PVC. It's also used in the partial antioxidant for catalyst.
Tetra-n-butyltin TBT(IMPORT)
Specification of Organotin Series Products and the catalyst of partial organotin.
Tetra-n-octytin TOT(IMPORT)
Specification of Organotin Series Products.
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